How Good Are Brushed Cotton Sheets?

Really, just how good are brushed cotton flannelette fitted sheets and duvet covers? Getting ready for the winter weather can be a daunting prospect.

Time to get out the warmer duvets and blankets and of course the brushed or flannelette cotton sheets. We do not want to be cold no matter what time of year it is so good quality warm bedding is essential as the nights get colder and obviously darker. Flannelette or brushed cotton sheets has been a firm favourite for many years, dependable and durable this type of sheet and duvet cover is both warm and very soft to sleep on. The fabric is not woven but knitted, which gives the fabric that raised or brushed feel that just makes the bed linen special to touch. The results in colder months are superb, no need to keep the heating on all night just snuggle up with some flannelette sheets and you will be glad you bought some before it is too late.

Here at Bedlinen Direct we once only sold the brushed cotton bedding in flat sheets, fitted sheets and pillowcases but more and more of our customer have asked for duvet covers. So much so we have now introduced them in the most popular sizes of Single, Double and King. We all like to feel comfortable especially in the UK as we do feel the cold more than other countries in the EU, pure cotton sheets are normally associated with being cool and crisp to the touch, not all good if you feel cold when you sleep.

Brushed cotton is also made form 100% pure cotton but the knitted or loosely spun fibres make the fabric soft and fluffier which helps to trap warm air and help you stay much warmer whilst you sleep. Perfect for both the elderly and children, the bedding can be washed more frequently without the risk of pilling or shrinkage as the sheets are over sized at the factory by at least 5% to allow for this within the first few washes.

Flannelette sheets allow your skin to breathe and draw away moisture from your skin, leaving you feeling fresh and allowing you to have a better and more comfortable night sleep. Our stunning range of luxury brushed cotton bedding comes in 6 modern pastel colours, white and cream sheets are the most popular choices as they blend or coordinate with more bedroom schemes. With a lot of the elderly now opting for the smaller double 4FT beds we have now introduced a 4FT fitted sheet so they can still enjoy the benefits of this bedding in the latest bed size.

The sheets and duvet covers are very durable so they will withstand lots of use before showing any signs of wear and tear. Although the bedding looks quite thick, they are actually very lightweight which makes washing very easy and as the cotton is brushed no ironing is needed. Other companies use flannelette to make bed clothes and blankets so this just goes to show how versatile and good this fabric really is. We actually prefer the sheets but that is just our opinion, try some today and you will sure see what we mean.