How Good Is Non Iron Polycotton Bedding?

How good is non iron polycotton bedding? We always hear the benefits of cotton bedding and non iron bedding but just how good are they?

With todays hectic lifestyles it is hard to find the time to make the bedding look as good as the day you took it out of the packet and washing can crease your sheets and duvet covers making them unsightly. Ironing is very time consuming and its probably on your top ten worst things to do list, apparently 50% of us dont like doing it! Not only are fitted sheets the worst of the lot they are also very difficult to lay straight on the ironing board. Tumble driers are the biggest culprit when it comes to creased bedding, the heat build up dries out the cotton so much the fabric shrinks and creates the unsightly creases.

Dry right, iron less, it is best to line dry the bedding but if you do not have the space or it is wet and cold outside what can you do? For best results remove the bedding while it is still slightly damp and put the sheets straight onto the bed, they will dry out in approximately 10 minutes leaving them without the majority of the creasing issues, obviously a quick press with the iron would make them pristine. Keep the drier on the lowest setting, heat and cotton do not go to well together.

So if you do not want to mess about with ironing or taking them out of the drier at a specific time, what is the answer? Polycotton sheets are inherently easy care, polyester does not crease and looks as good as the day you take it out of the packet. Polycotton Percale sheets are nowhere as nice as cotton sheets so many manufactures blend them with cotton to produce a comfortable and hard wearing bed linen range.

The 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester blend is then treated with a special easy care finish that makes the fabric resistant to creasing and shrinkage, cheaper polycotton sheets are immersed in silicone, this makes them very soft for the first few washes but this type of treatment is easily washed away. Cheap polycotton sheets are very coarse and not very comfortable once the treatment is washed away the resulting bedding is rough and not very good for anything at all. Good quality non iron polycotton bedding, like the range we stock, will have some form of guarantee on them so you can be rest assured that they will be as good as they can be for many years to come.

True non iron sheets are baked in a resin coating; this is virtually impossible to remove with a normal household washing machine and the sheets will not need any ironing as long as you do not dry them out in a tumble drier very much the same as the luxury cotton sheets. For the best results, wash the sheets on an eco-friendly cycle and take them out of the dryer whilst still damp and just run the iron over – easy! Or let them line dry and just watch the creases fall out – even easier! The special blend of super soft cotton and a high grade polyester ensures that you get high levels of comfort with a robust and very strong fabric that will last for many years no matter what life has to offer and with children this can sometimes be a demanding environment.