How To Choose The Perfect Pillow?

How To Choose The Perfect Pillow? Pillows are meant to be comfortable and give you good support for your head and the nape of your neck

The types and styles of pillows available today is mind boggling. Believe it or not there is no one pillow that suit everyone’s needs so how can you expect to find the perfect one for you? It is very difficult to go into a shop and try out the different options, due to hygiene reasons taking one out of the packet to try it will render it unsalable if you choose not to buy the pillow. Only through using one while you sleep can you gauge the effects of a hard, soft, natural or synthetic pillow.

So the main points of pillow selection is whether you like a hard, soft or medium style and feel. Synthetic fillings are normally soft to medium and offer good levels of anti allergy protection whereas feather and down pillows are normally classed as medium to hard. Pure goose down pillows offer better support as the down supports the head naturally although they still offer a medium and soft level of posture control. Coolmax and Cotton fillings make pillows much cooler for summer use as they wick away moisture from the nape of your neck more effectively allowing the body to cool down naturally.

Memory foam pillows are very good as they mould to the contours of the head and neck and offer good posture control without any hard pressure points. Made from special visco elastic foam that was invented by Nasa for the space program this unique formula has sold worldwide for many years and continues to be very popular. The downside of memory foam is heat build up, if you suffer from hot sweats or menopause this style of pillow is best avoided and a natural pillow is your best option. For complete neck, back and spine support you can opt for a special orthopaedic pillow which is v shaped, this option is great for those who need extra support or have just come out of hospital and want to sit up in bed without the need for too many pillows.

The main luxury goose down pillows size sold in the UK is the standard rectangular 50cm x 75cm size although as bed manufacturers make even bigger mattresses the super king 50cm x 90cm pillow is becoming more and more popular. Although you can get 65cm x 65cm European square pillows, wedge and even bolster designs which are normally just used for decoration to go with a bedspread or comforter set.

Take care of your pillow, washing them can be a nightmare as commercial high street cleaners use high powered washing machines which can damage the fillings. Air the pillow out as often as you can and cover the pillow with a pillow protector just the same way you would with your mattress.

This will increase the life and prevent dust mites from entering and living in the fillings, they are major cause for concern for any allergy sufferers. Take some time and do some research, pick the best product you can afford as investment into your sleep is crucial as we lead hectic and stressful lives and our bedroom should be a place of sanctuary, a haven where we can forget about the days worries.