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Hungarian Goose Down Duvets Duvets made in the UK

Hungarian Goose Down Duvets

  • Brand: Dùsal
  • Made in the UK
  • 100% Hungarian Goose Down
  • 800 Fill Power Rated
  • 300 Thread Count Cotton Case
  • Cassette Construction
  • Internal Baffle Walls
  • Class 1 EDFA Certified
  • Oeko-Tex Class 100
  • NOMITE ® and Downafresh®
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    Hungarian Goose Down Duvets

      Hungarian Pure Goose Down Duvets are for those who only expect the very best luxury and quality guaranteed.

      Made in the UK to a high standard of craftsmanship you can only expect to find in the top hotels around the world.

      Using pure Hungarian goosedown with a fill power rating of 800 and wrapped in a luxury 300 count cotton cambric case.

      The sumptuously soft, robust cotton cases with edge piping drape over your body for even greater comfort and quality.

      Double stitched baffle box construction ensures the filling is safely contained and will not move around the duvet.

      All of our Hungarian fillings are sourced within Hungary have been ethically sourced and produced to EDFA standards.

      A turbidity level of 1000mm which is 3 times the European cleanliness requirement ensures the filling has been expertly cleaned.

      Choose from 2.5, 3.0, 4.5, 6.0, 7.5, 9.0, 10.5, 12, 13.5, 15, 18 and All Seasons to find the perfect TOG rating warmth for you.

      Our All seasons duvets include a 4.5 TOG and a 9 TOG to create the perfect winter duvet, complete with press stud fasteners.

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      Please Note: These duvets are made to order, allow 14 days for delivery

    Hungarian Goose Down Duvet Sizes

    • Single: 135cm x 200cm
    • Double: 200cm x 200cm
    • King: 225cm x 220cm
    • Superking: 260cm x 220cm
    • Emperor: 295cm x 235cm

    Why Choose Hungarian Goose Down?

      Goose down from Hungary is well known for being one of the finest duvet fillings in the world and used throughout the hospitality industry in the best 5 star hotels. They can be very expensive but until you have tried one you will never really know what all the fuss is about. There is quite a lot of choice when you are shopping for duvets but there is a minefield of information, everyone is trying to tell you just how good theirs are, so we have come up with a few reasons why our Hungarian duvets are the best. Our Ultimate range always uses the best quality that is available, the down is 100% pure with a very high fill power rating of 800 and the cases we use are made from quality cotton cambric which has a thread count of 300 to ensure that comfort.

      One of the reasons down from Hungary is preferred when it comes to making duvets is that the cold harsh climate that is found in a Hungarian wintertime produces a superior quality as the geese have to adapt to the cold. Goose down comes in clusters that vary in size, the largest ones are like a 50 pence coin and the smaller ones are more like a 1 pence coin, the larger the clusters the warmer and more insulation is provided. Large clusters are also lighter and fluffier which helps them to separate easier when it gets too warm. This is essential for heat regulation, as the down clusters move to release trapped warm air it helps the body cool down, this is a totally natural process and is good for the body and essential for a healthy night’s sleep.

      So how can we measure how lightweight and fluffy the down is? Well, this is measured by a Fill Power test, this rating starts at around 300 and goes up to approximately 1000. Feather duvets are at the lower scale of this test, higher percentage down duvets start at around 400 for the cheap duvets and go up to around 600 fill power. Luxury pure down duvets with zero feathers range from 600 to 800 fill power, the most expensive Eider down duvets which are hand picked and cost a small fortune are the upper most reach of the test starting at 800 fill power. So, you can see that our duvets are made from a high quality down which can be traced back to the farms in Hungary where the clusters were collected.

      You do get what you pay for and when it comes to duvets there is no exception to this rule, you now know where we source the down, so the next step is the case. We choose a 300 thread count which is woven to a strong and resilient cotton cambric, this feels super soft and luxurious but is still a strong even weave to ensure that the filling does not poke through the case. If you choose a case that has a higher thread count and made from cotton sateen you run the risk of the down coming through the fabric as cotton sateen with a high thread count is too soft, this is worth bearing in mind when you are looking for your next duvet. Also look out for cassette construction with internal baffle walls, a 300 count cotton is the ideal fabric as it is still nice to the touch but strong enough to take the cassette stitching required to keep the duvet cells in place and stop the filling migrating from one cell to another leaving cold spots. The internal baffle walls also help keep the filling evenly distributed in the middle of the cells, this stops the down from clumping together in the corners, once again leaving the cells feeling bare and not covering you properly.

      Another good reason to choose Hungarian down is that the clusters are so light and clean that they retain their bounce for much longer than other downs. This helps them to last far longer than cheaper alternatives. Just a good shake every now and then helps get air back into the fibres and rejuvenates them back to their original state. We adhere to all the UK and European Union rules on animal welfare, this is a very strict and rigorous set of rules and for good reason. Other countries that do not have this system can lead to animal cruelty and this is not what we are about. There are no farms that raise goose primarily for the purpose of sourcing goose down. There is no plucking, trimming or skinning of the goose down from live birds. There are only two sources for obtaining Hungarian goose down. It is either collected from the meat industry, where the geese are used as food or from natural moulting that the birds go through as they age. They shed the feathers, which are then collected for commercial purposes. All the Hungarian down products follow this humane treatment. Today, customers want to know that no animals have been harmed to bring them comfort. This is a huge selling point for Hungarian down products because customers not only want to sleep comfortably, but peacefully too.

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    Hello, yes we can confirm that the duvets are made in the UK by Euroquilt of Scotland.
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    Hello, the duvets are made in the UK and come with a 12 month guarantee,
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