Is Egyptian Cotton The Best?

While Egyptian cotton has been highly regarded for its long-staple fibres and luxurious feel, it's important to note that not all Egyptian cotton products are of the same quality.

Egyptian Cotton Bedlinen Buds

The label "Egyptian cotton" only indicates that the cotton was grown in Egypt, but it doesn't guarantee that the yarns used are of the top-notch variety. Nowadays, high-quality long-staple yarns can be grown in various regions around the world. So, it's crucial to buy bed linen from a reputable company that prioritises quality and can guide you to the right product for your needs.

Regarding thread count, it's a common misconception that a higher thread count automatically means better quality. Thread count refers to the number of woven horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of fabric, indicating density rather than quality. While a higher thread count can contribute to a softer feel, if it's too high, the weave may become too tight, limiting breathability. Some manufacturers may even manipulate thread count numbers by twisting together ultra-thin threads, resulting in less durable sheets. It's important to consider other factors like material durability, quality, and breathability when choosing bed linen.

Percale or Sateen Weave Egyptian Cotton Bedlinen

When it comes to percale and sateen, they are two different weaving techniques that can significantly impact the feel and quality of the sheets. Percale bedding is made with a classic 'over-and-under' weave, creating a light, crisp, and cool-to-the-touch feel with a matte finish. On the other hand, sateen bedding is woven in a way that exposes more thread surface, resulting in a glossy sheen similar to satin. The choice between percale and sateen ultimately comes down to personal preference, whether you prefer a silky or crunchy feel, and the overall aesthetic you desire for your bedding.

In summary, while Egyptian cotton and higher thread counts have their merits, it's important to consider the overall quality, durability, and breathability of the fabric. Additionally, choosing between percale and sateen depends on personal preference and the desired feel and look of the sheets.

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