Is It Time For A Winter Duvet?

Is it really that time for a winter duvet already? What to do, get out your old winter duvet or buy a brand new duvet for the coming colder months?

If you have not yet seen the UK weather report for the next few months, take a deep breath because it is going to get cold with lots of snow, could be another record breaker! Lightweight quilts, duvets and blankets are just not going to cut it when it gets this cold so unless you want to spend a small fortune on your central heating bill get yourself a good quality duvet that has a superior fill power rating and a high tog rating. 13.5 Tog and 15 Tog duvets will be well sought after this winter, they offer the best in terms of insulation and if you are already cold at night these will keep you snug as a bug.

There is no difference between a normal duvet and a winter duvet except that is more filling grams per square meter than any other duvet. Normally a good quality goose down filling will only need to be about a 10.5 tog duvet, this would be ideal all year round as the fillings are light enough to regulate temperature efficiently but with this coming forecast you are going to need something much more substantial right up until the end of February some sources are reporting.

We would all like to have many duvets in our linen cupboard just ready for the different seasons, some of us already have the all seasons quilts where you have two duvets or quilts that you just clip together when you require more insulation or just want to be warmer. There are great but many only offer them with a maximum tog rating of 13.5. They can be quite bulky where as a single 13.5 or 15.0 tog duvet will be appropriate for a harsh climates, much easier to handle and with less risk of being too thick and heavy.

Normally we would only recommend pure down duvets but when it is is this cold goose feather and down and microfibre duvets are just as good as they drape firmly over the body and trap in the warm heat generated by your body, the only advantage of the pure down duvets is that they are much lighter grams per square metre for the tog rating than the lesser quality fillings.

Buy a brand of filling like Canadian, Hungarian, and Ultimate so you can be rest assured of the best quality fillings and cotton covers, look out for cassette construction and internal baffle walls, your stockist should be able to tell you what they are without hesitation as they should know what they are selling if they are reporting to be duvet specialists. Also get them to explain Fill Power and why this is important and what does it measure?

Let's hope the weather reports are not as bad as forecasted. If it is true, getting ready before it happens can ensure that you still get a good night’s sleep without waking up feeling cold and irritable. Much is said about sleep and it can make the difference between a productive day and a day where you wish you had not even got out of bed.

Take time when you purchase your next duvet, they can be expensive but if you buy the right one for you it will be a sound investment as they can last well over 10 years and most reputable duvet manufacturers offer a guarantee to cover this period against defects and the advent of the filling leaking out. So you cannot go wrong even if you think it is too much money just divide the amount over the years you have had your current duvet and you will be surprised how little they cost when you work out the sums.