Luxury Cotton Towels

We stock luxury hotel quality Egyptian, Pima and Turkish cotton towels, choose from face cloths, guest towels, hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets.


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Luxury Cotton Towels

We have a great selection of towels for you to choose from, ranging from our Turkish hotel contract towels made from the finest ring spun cotton from Turkey, to the sumptuously soft and opulent Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton yarns. We have some of the best colours and designs as well as just the staple plain white towels. Made from the highest quality 720gsm Egyptian cotton, which is well known for its softness, superior absorbency and durability, these thick towels can make the perfect addition to any bathroom or ensuite. Give your bathroom a touch of the spa treatment and they are as practical as they are super absorbent. To complete the look and compliment your new cotton towels, why not try one of our luxury bathmats?

Egyptian, Pima or Turkish Towels?

Egyptian cotton towels are one of the most popular ranges we sell, as cotton from Egypt is regarded as being one of the finest soft and absorbent cottons there is. They are ring spun woven creating long thick loops which attract water. Although they are expensive to buy in the first place, they wash and tumble dry superbly well and last for years and years making them a good value for money long term purchase. Pima cotton towels are also well regarded as being as good as any other premium brand of towel. The fibres are strong and ultra-absorbent, like Egyptian cotton they can be pricey but over the long term they last far longer than cheaper alternatives, they do not fade or go hard over time. Turkish cotton towels are also made of extra-long cotton fibres similar to those produced in Egypt and South America, however, they are better for use in high traffic areas like hotels and guest houses. The cotton may not have the same softness but they are extremely hard wearing and will stand up to more commercial washing and drying techniques.

Towel Washing Guide

So how should you wash and dry your towels? Always leave plenty of room in the drum for the towels to rise and fall properly, do not overload the machine. Also it is best practise just to wash the same type and colour of towels together, do not mix them up, to prevent discolouring or damaging the fibres if you mix them with clothes or other hard wearing fabrics like denim. Just use a good quality detergent but try to avoid the use of optical brighteners or fabric softeners as they can damage the yarns making them stiff and harder. This is stopping them from being soft which will stop them from absorbing water, if this happens wash them again and put them in the tumble drier and this will help to make them soft and fluffy again. Hanging them out on the line gives them extra freshness but driers help maintain their softness. Over-drying towels can weaken the fibres, so don’t dry towels for longer than necessary. Finally, never iron towels as it takes away the soft feel and absorbency.

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