What Is The Best Type Of Fitted Sheet?

We are always being asked what is the best type of fitted sheet, fully elasticated sheets or ones that just elasticated only at the four corners?

So today we are looking at the vast range of fitted sheets available from Belledorm who are one of the best bedding manufacturers in the UK. There are a few reasons for just elasticating the fitted sheets at the corners, the main one is appearance. This acts like a fitted sheet at the corners and a flat sheet down the sides so it can be tucked under your mattress leaving it looking pristine. Fitted sheets that are elasticated all the way around can looked gathered or bunched making it harder to give that stunning hotel appearance.

Another very important reason for just elasticating the corners of the fitted sheets is to make it easier for ironing, we are sure by now you may be well aware of the issues of placing your fitted sheets on the ironing board and trying to iron around the elasticated edges, imagine trying to iron the whole sheet if it had full elasticated sides.

Fitted sheets really are the best way to cover your mattress, they are easy to wash and iron and come in a vast array of sizes, box depths and colours. If you are looking for a particular style or size drop us an email at and we will be more than happy to give you any information you need or a quote for any size of fitted sheet you require.