What is The Best Way To Wash and Dry Your Bedding

What is the best way to wash and dry your bedding, So with Summer finally here, or so it seems what should we do for the best results.

So is it time to give the tumble dryer a rest, save on some electric and get the washing line out once again. Line drying is probably the best way to dry your clothes as it leaves them smelling fresh and helps reduce unwanted creases, as the weight of fabric helps pull the creases out.

One of the most popular mistakes is dealt with in the first example they document, washing your towels, sheets and clothes together does not make for good practise. We often overload the washing machine anyway as we try to achieve what we think is a more effective way of cleaning our clothes.

Overloading causes a lot of stress on the machine and also does not allow the water and detergent to flow around the drum properly. Also allow enough room for your clothes to effectively soak up the water and and then drain it off when in the spin cycle. The downside is that the clothes are often left very wet as the spin dry does not work properly unless the clothes can be spun very fast so the clothes stick to the side of the drum.

Another good point about leaving the clothes inside the washing machine for too long. With our hectic lifestyles we often put the machine on as we leave for work and then wonder why the sheets are so creased when we return several hours later. Ideally you need to remove the bedding as soon as you can, so place them over a clothes maiden or get them on the line so the creases start to fall out as soon as possible. Leaving them damp in the machine only makes the fabric crinkle up more.

If you are lucky enough to have a combination washer dryer you can set the machine to dry your clothes after the washing cycle has stopped. Towels love this attention, it makes them fluff up and feel much softer. Your sheets on the other hand will crease more and shrink up leaving them very hard to iron. The best trick here is to remove them from the dryer while they are still slightly damp and run over them with the iron. A very quick and easy process that will give you the best results.

As we strive to find more environmentally friendly solutions to what really is very harmful to the environment, washing powder companies now manufacture detergents that can be washed on low settings such as 30 and 40 degrees. This helps reduce your overall electricity bill, very good for the environment and also helps your washing machine clean the clothes and bedding on a much quicker setting. Harsh detergents and hot water can harm the colour of your bedding, many printed duvet covers and pillowcases can look washed out after only a few washes, if this has happened to you then this will be the likely cause rather than a manufacturing fault.

The last point and probably the most important one is the frequency we wash our bedding, go on be truthful, how often do you go to bed in clean sheets. This has got to be one of the best feelings on the world and is why we pay so much for a quality hotel room.