Why Buy A Siberian Goose Down Duvet?

Luxury Siberian goose down duvets are now one of the most popular duvets in the UK, so what makes them so and popular and in demand?

Due to the nature of a Siberian goose down duvet it is more effective than other pure down fillings as it can insulate and release stored heat much more effectively and will keep you much warmer in winter. You need much less filling to keep you snug whilst you sleep resulting in lighter duvet which is essential for that all important good night’s sleep. For sheer luxury you cannot buy a better duvet but make sure you look for ones where the down is sourced using the best farms in Europe whilst environmental and diligent industrial processes ensure that the birds are looked after and the down is farmed responsibly.

But remember European manufactures have to adhere to strict farming and environmental policies whereas a company outside of the EU does not have such strict penalties imposed on them for breaking the rules. Siberian Goose down is also an environmentally friendly choice. The International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory notes that Down and feathers have the lowest carbon footprint of any other fill material, both natural and synthetic. Down is also quickly biodegradable.

The down is steam cleaned to ensure a light fluffy filling that has not been bleached or washed in caustic sodas to make it appear whiter. Siberian pure goose down is actually off white and slightly grey in appearance. If the down in your duvet is optically white than it has been treated using harmful chemicals that change the colour of the down and reduce its effectiveness making it become brittle which will fall into smaller particles over time.

Our Siberian Duvets are made in the UK and have a fill power rating of 815, the higher this number the better, it gives you the guarantee of a clean and natural filling. Remember a good quality down is both light and fluffy and is good at insulation are well as temperature control so choose the best pure down duvets that do not have any feathers mixed in them. You can be rest assured that the duvets and pillows we supply have down from European farms and are second to none in terms of wildlife and ecological protection.