Why Buy Egyptian Cotton Bedding?

A main source of national income for Egypt is the lush cotton grown on the banks of Nile Delta. It is a particular type of cotton - Gossypium barbadense.

Egyptian Cotton is one of the finest, durable natural bedding materials. People throughout the world love the feel and quality offered by this sumptuous fabric. What makes Egyptian cotton different? It is smooth, silky and extremely soft, Egyptian cotton yarns have been cared for from the very first hand picked cotton buds right through to the manufacturing process. The best quality cotton comes from the long staple fibres which are up to a third longer than ordinary cotton fibres, this is essential when weaving high thread count bedding as the super fine yarns need to be extremely robust to stand up to a life time of use and washing.

Other cotton sheets simply are not up to the job and will only last half the time. Long staple fibre bedding is treated to prevent snapping and pilling, high quality percale or sateen effect sheets will last much longer and will get softer with every wash. When choosing your next duvet cover or fitted sheet, go for a high thread count as this measures the number of yarns woven into a square inch of fabric.

The higher the number the softer and finer the cotton is resulting in a premium quality feel and handle. Only extra long staple fibres can be used to create a yarn that is fine, strong and smooth which can then be woven into luxury bedding. With all quality products, expertise and craftsmanship is essential, this ensures that all the vital ingredients are brought together at the crucial moment.

Choosing the right yarns and type of the weave, the manufacturer creates the luxurious feeling fabric that is to become your favourite bed linen. Attention to the detail when weaving and finishing gives that vital lustrous look and feel. Fabric finishing and sewing gives even the most discerning customer the assurance of quality.

Caring for your new Egyptian Cotton Bedding is essential if you want to get the best out of your sheets and duvet covers. The bottom sheets and pillowcases tend to need the most care as these are the parts of the luxury bed linen that are in the most contact with the body. See below for a few tips and what to look out for:

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s wash care label instructions
  • Check for stains before washing and treat with a special stain remover
  • Always wash your fine bedding on a low temperature, also this will help the environment
  • Always use a low temperature setting when using a tumble drier
  • Iron whilst the sheets are slight damp

What makes Egyptian cotton sheets with a 400 thread count so much more desirable and than standard percale sheets? The densely packed weave makes the fabric so soft and silky they just ooze quality and comfort so much so they are now probably the best selling Egyptian cotton bedding range in the UK. At 400 threads per square inch they are still light enough to be used all year round whereas a thread count of 800 or 1000 can be quite heavy due to the amount of cotton used to achieve such a densely packed fabric.

Cotton Percale sheets start with a minimum weave standard of 200 count, this bedding is still very soft and gives you years of use. Egyptian cotton sheets are still better as they use extra long yarns which are more absorbent and will last longer as they continue to get softer and more resilient every time you wash and use them. 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets use the same percale yarns but they are then woven to produce a much better consistency of yarns, stronger and softer to sleep on. Using only selected grades of cotton from Egypt, the fabric is put through a rigorous quality assurance procedure that identifies any impurities and flaws in the fabric.

They are then eliminated leaving the manufacturer with a superb fabric of which he will manufacture this exceptionally high quality luxury bedding. At Bedlinen Direct we stock many brands of quality cotton sheets and duvet covers, in the 400 thread count bedding we have two stunning options for you to choose from, take a look below for more information:

For the last 25 years Belledorm have been importing bedding from Egypt, they use only the very best Mills located in and around the Nile Delta region of Alexandria. Using their extensive knowledge of cotton the bedding they produce is exceptional and the best value for money you can buy. They only use single ply yarns which are very soft and strong, they also stock this bedding range in nearly every UK bedlinen size including 4FT fitted sheets and large Emperor size duvet covers and bed sheets.