Why Is Jersey Cotton Good For Making Fitted Sheets?

Why is jersey cotton good for making fitted sheets? Fitted sheets made from a stretchable fabric like knitted cotton has many substantial benefits.

They are especially good when used with an electric bed or memory foam mattress. The material can move and stretch when you operate the mattress or when the mattress moulds itself to the body as happens when you lie on your memory foam bed. Jersey cotton is lightweight and very soft and is a very good alternative to regular cotton sheets which are woven. The stretch cotton was first used in clothing like tee shirts where you need the material to be flexible and regain its shape once pulled over your head, regular cotton would not give in this way and would not be as comfortable.

You get good idea of how Jersey Cotton is good for bedding just look at your socks, how they stretch over your feet and go back to their original shape when you take them off no matter how times you do it. Jersey cotton sheets are normally made to a high standard and can be measured in grams per square meter or GSM. Generally 140GSM is a good quality and the better and softer sheets are made from 160GSM. Good quality Jersey cotton is manufactured using a special machine that employs a series of needles that produce interlocking loops of thread. The stitches are small, even and very consistent producing a jersey cotton that has a flat, smooth face with a slightly texture feel.

A very light and comfortable material that stretches easily and regains its original shape, most cotton comes in a variety of colours and made from pure 100% Cotton. The other advantage of Jersey cotton fitted sheets are that they are fully elasticated all the way round which are preferred to standard sheets as they will grip the mattress all the way round which is ideal for electric beds. When the mattress is raised standard fitted sheets and flat sheets will just hang down loosely and look a mess whereas the jersey cotton sheets will be snug and close fitting all the way round.