Why Is Mulberry Silk Bedding So Good For You?

Why Is Mulberry Silk Bedding So Good For You? If you have not tried silk before you will be amazed at how light and luxurious your sheets will be.

Silk sheets and duvet covers just wrap themselves around you giving that air of quality and opulence. 100% Mulberry silk bed linen is hand crafted using the finest natural strands and is totally organic and environmentally sustainable. Silk is also hypoallergenic and is well known to repel dust mites, kind to the skin and helps keep you cool in summer and warm in the winter months. The Chinese believe that silk can aid arthritis and rheumatism, this is not fully substantiated but this belief has been firmly held for many centuries. Another good point to note with pure Mulberry silk bedding is that the fabric has not been bleached and is sold in its natural state which is an off white pastel shade.

No harmful chemicals or sprays are used in the whole manufacturing process so you can be rest assured that the fabric that touches your skin and face is 100% natural and will not harm you in any way or cause any reactions or skin complaints.

The silk is sand washed which produces a smoother and softer silk yarn, this is a premium method of manufacturing and is only used in the very best silk factories. the long strands of mulberry are of a superior nature to other silks as the bedding, duvet covers and silk fillings are made from one complete strand of silk, this helps keep consistency and quality to a premium. Silk does not pill so you can be assured of a lasting quality duvet cover or fitted sheet. Silk has some fantastic and unique properties, a few are listed below:

  • Silk bedding is renowned for its breathability, which keeps you “Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer”
  • Silk also has hypoallergenic (anti-allergy) properties, because dust/house mites, which can cause asthma, blocked sinuses and hay fever-like symptoms, cannot live in silk
  • Silk Bedding is acknowledged by the Chinese to relieve aches and pains caused by such ailments as arthritis and rheumatism
  • Silk blankets are lightweight, which is a great for the elderly
  • Silk is a natural product. It is produced under organic methods and is environmentally sustainable
  • All Silk products within our range are of the highest quality, giving you complete peace of mind

We recommend Habotai Silk and Silk Jacquard as they can both be machine washed at 30ºC and for pristine results the fabric can also be steam ironed. The lightness of the silk duvet is amazing, ideal for anyone who has skin complaints that need as little contact with the bedding as possible. As discussed earlier, silk enhances the possibilities that the Chinese attribute to the silk when worn next to the skin. Slowing down the signs of aging of the face and keeps hair softer and smoother.

Maybe this is because there is less friction between silk and the face and hair than is the case with other fabrics. Pure Habotai Silk is preferred to satin as it is not as slippery which means that you and the bedding are more likely to stay in the right place. If you suffer from allergies and you are completely surrounded by silk you are well defended from the dreaded House and Dust Mites as they don’t like silk.