Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Our Egyptian cotton bedding is made from the finest luxury Egyptian cotton long staple fibre yarns. All our Luxury Egyptian cotton bedding comes with a Best Price Promise and FREE UK mainland delivery on orders over £100.
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More About Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Our Egyptian cotton bedding is made from the finest luxury Egyptian cotton.

Luxury cotton bedding and duvet covers from Egypt have always been regarded as being the finest in the world, super soft, extremely robust and ideal for making into your perfect bedding.

We only use cotton that have extra long staple fibres which are sourced directly from the Nile Delta region of Egypt.

Woven in modern textile mills to create cotton fabrics with that added extra level of comfort and quality.

When only the very best will do, take a look at our premium high thread count Egyptian cotton bedding. 

For sheer indulgence and one of the finest luxury bedding ranges you will ever have the pleasure of sleeping on.

Our percale cotton sheets are definitely our most popular and best value for money range, boasting hotel quality engineering with a great range of colours and options to suit all requirements.

Whatever style or thread count you are looking for, have a look at all of our Egyptian Cotton Bedding as we are confident in the quality of our genuine Egyptian cotton percale fabrics.

Selecting the right Egyptian cotton bedding is very important, we all like very different things and our bedding requirements are no exception.

With a vast amount of choice available how do you know what is the right option? Some of the most popular questions we are asked are as follows:

What is Thread Count?

All luxury Egyptian cotton bedding, duvet covers and pillowcases have a thread count, this is how the looms create the cotton fabrics we use to make bed linen.

Cotton strands are woven together in a criss cross pattern and a thread count is given when the threads intertwine horizontally on the weft and vertically on the warp in any given square inch.

So if the fabric is woven with a 300 thread count then the fabric has been woven together over 300 times in that square inch of linen.

Generally the higher the thread count the better and softer that bed linen becomes as you need finer yarns in principle to create even higher thread counts.

Egyptian cotton sheets use a higher grade of cotton than has long staple fibres which are stronger than standard cotton yarns which allow them to be spun even finer creating more opulent fabrics.

What is Percale Cotton Weave?

Percale fabrics are an industry minimum standard of weaving, this is where the fabric has a thread count of no less than 200 threads per square inch.

Percale does not mean that the bed linen is anymore special or has been treated in any other way than standard cotton sheets but just ensures that you will receive a minimum standard of quality and thread count when you purchase cotton percale sheets.

Most Egyptian cotton percale bedding is also combed for extra softness, this is a process that removes more impurities than carding which is a process used in much cheaper bed linen.

What is Sateen Cotton Weave?

Luxury Egyptian cotton sateen bedding is more and more popular as many customers prefer the luxurious effect when the sheets shimmer when placed on the bed.

Sateen is a process that makes the cotton soft and even more luxurious by placing more cotton on the surface creating a satin like sheen effect.

You can get cotton sateen in many fabrics but we would recommend that you choose Pima or Egyptian Cotton Bedding as they are much more robust and will last for many years and still look as good as the day you removed them from the packaging.

Benefits of Buying Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Much is said about the benefits of buying the best luxury Egyptian cotton bedding you can afford as you generally get what you pay for.

Cotton sfabrics from Egypt will last longer as they have been treated with mercerising and sanforsation techniques that ensure that the fabric does not pill or shrink when washing.

Egyptian cotton is more absorbent than other fabrics, which helps to absorb moisture from the body keeping you cooler in the summer months.

Natural cotton bedding is also excellent when aiding with allergies as they do not lint, making them ideal for allergy sufferers.

Egyptian Cotton is naturally breathable and easy to use and is the ideal choice for your new bedding.

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