British Wool Duvets and Pillows

Our British Wool duvets and pillows have been manufactured in the UK since 2002, located in the rich textiles area of the UK between Lancashire and Yorkshire.


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Why Choose A Wool Duvet?

After years of refining our expertise, we knew we could surpass the quality of most other wool duvet manufacturers in the UK with our superior hand finishing and quality checks on each and every single item we make. Today we work with a state of the art computer system to control the production process, enjoyed from an enviable beautiful location on top of the Yorkshire Pennines.

The new premises are the focal point of us achieving GOTS certification to manufacture fully organic duvets, pillows and cushions. To comply with the certification every item we make is individually serial numbered and is traceable back to its original source. This also guarantees the agricultural welfare of sheep, land, water supply and manufacturing process. It is a fully audited process which they have passed every year since we gained the certification. Sustainability and environmental processes is the core value of British Wool and holding a British Wool Crook mark as evidence for supporting British Farming and British Wool.

Luxury Wool Duvets

In the world of textiles, wool is classed as one of the noble fibres such as cashmere and mohair, as with other natural fibres there is a wide range of quality and grade. The finest, softest and best known is the white superfine alpaca. Each hair is around 14 micron and should be about 4 to 5 inches in length, this grade of fleece is also known as cria fleece, cria is the term for a baby alpaca in its first year.

This superior quality first grade of wool has a wider range of uses including for us in high quality duvets and pillows. Our wool is sourced from around 400 farms each year in the UK. Buying fleece direct from the farmers ensures greater consistency and quality. In this way we use the best fleece available in our duvets and pillows. Organic fleece has very low lanolin content (dry fleece) making it super resistant to dust mites. It is also a medullated fibre. This means that the medulla in the centre of the fibre has fractured off as the fleece grows creating empty pockets along the length of each hair. This makes a naturally hollow fibre. On the outside of each fibre there are less scales than other natural fibres. This makes for a smooth, soft to touch fibre which is also durable. The medullated fibre also gives the duvets greater warmth than other duvets but the moisture absorption and wicking properties means that the duvet works with your body at maintaining an ambient temperature and a superbly comfortable nights sleep.

We recognise that every individual has different sleep requirements, no two people are the same, so why choose a duvet that will only respond in one way. That is why wool is so perfect for the individual, each fibre is encased in finest cotton allowing the wool to work with your body as it sleeps. As the ambient temperature in the room changes through the night and your body enters and exits the different phases of sleep, the wool is keeping in the warmth and moderating the moisture around you. We believe that the place you spend a third of your life, the place where you go to relax, sleep, and rejuvenate should be as perfect as possible. The choice is whether to sleep under the finest British Organic or the Best British Wool. We will leave that decision to you.

Why Choose A Wool Pillow ?

Our wool pillows are made right here in the UK using the finest hand selected 100% British Wool. Sustainability and eco-friendly production are just two of the many benefits you get when buying British. Here we will tell you a few reasons why using wool sourced in the UK is the best option. When looking for the perfect pillow what should be you be looking for? Well that depends on how you sleep, some of us sleep on our sides, some on our front and some of us on our backs and just to be plain awkward some of us just like to mix it up and keep tossing and turning all night. The latter sleeping pattern could be because you are using the wrong pillow, this can be caused by using a firm filling rather than a soft one.

Well back to why wool is fast becoming the best option, not only is it hygienic, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, it is also good for the UK farming industry as wool is fully sustainable and kind to the sheep. A great deal of our luxury organic wool comes from sheep reared in Scotland, as the colder temperatures produce a thicker and denser fleece which is ideal for making a plumper, softer and comfortable pillow. Wool is also a natural temperature regulator, this is essential when sleeping. If you get too hot especially around the neck area, this can cause excessive sweating or just discomfort due to being too warm, this will make you subconsciously move around or wake up, disturbing your deep sleep pattern. If you suffer from hot night sweats you will be all too familiar with this issue. Wool promotes a much healthier sleep, wool helps your body temperature with its superior breathability and moisture management. Ideal for all year round use, keeping you warm in winter and cooler and fresher in the summer months.

Luxury British Wool Pillows

Not all pillows are suitable for everyone, as there is no such thing as one pillow fits all. Some of us prefer a softer option, while others prefer a firmer option. The main option we sell is the medium comfort wool pillows as they give you the best of both worlds, not too soft and not too hard. The wrong type of pillow can cause chronic neck pain, so getting the right option for you is essential. You may have to go by trial and error to choose several different options before you find the best solution. Another benefit of wool is allergies, todays fast paced lifestyle with our central heating and double glazing is a paradise for the dreaded house dust mite, the warm and moisture rich environment we provide for them helps that multiply in our beds like wildfire. While you cannot completely eliminate dust mites, you can at least get them out of your bed by choosing dust mite resistant mattresses and bedding. They are a major cause of allergies and asthma, some of the most frequent symptoms of a mild dust mite allergy is sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, postnasal drip and cough. You will be happy to know that they hate wool, they cannot move freely through the fibres so this naturally makes wool the better option for you and your family.

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