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We have a fantastic range of luxury duvets and pillows for you to choose from including high fill power rated goose down and goose feather and down fillings.
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Choose from our wide range of Goosedown, Feather and Down, Synthetic, Anti Allergy, Coolmax, Climarelle, Siberian, Hungarian and Canadian duvets and pillows. Our luxury pure goose and duck down duvets guarantee no feathers what-so-ever and our warm and snug goose feather and down duvets are great for those that like a natural product without the price tag.

We have in stock a great range of pure silk duvets and luxury anti allergy duvets which are treated to help eliminate those house dust mite issues and give you a peaceful night's sleep, rest assured you are being protected. Our superior range of pure down duvets and pillows are a sheer delight, using only the finest goose down and duck down ethically sourced from some of the finest down producing countries.

We use only pure natural fillings that are wrapped in soft cotton mite proof covers, engineered using cassette construction and internal baffle walls for added strength and durability. Designed with comfort in mind, our duvets and pillows use FILL POWER as a way of ensuring that only the best down is used in our products. Fill Power measures the quality, cleanliness and loft of the filling.

This is essential as the duvet needs to keep you both warm and snug but also to release trapped warm air when you get too hot. This heat regulation will ensure you have a healthy night's sleep and can only be sought from light, fluffy pure down. The TOG rating system can help you choose the right duvet for all the seasons, ranging from 2.5 TOG light summer use to our 15 TOG winter duvet.

All of our duvets and pillows have a full manufacturers guarantee and are engineered using eco friendly methods and guidelines. If you are looking for a natural, super soft and light duvet without it costing the earth then take a look at our fantastic range of premium goose feather and down duvets.

Known for their excellent thermal and cooling properties these luxury duvets will keep you snug and warm whatever the weather.  Also great for summer are our very light 2.5 tog and 3 tog duvets, ultra light and great at regulating your body's temperature whilst you sleep. All of our duvet cases are made from the finest 100% Cotton Cambric and are mite and down proof, woven to a very high minimum standard 233 Count. Complete with cassette stitching and internal baffle walls so the filling stays exactly where it should...over you.

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