Goose Down Pillows

Our luxury goose down pillows and are plump, soft and very comfortable. We only use the finest high fill power fillings and robust cotton cambric cases.


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Goose Down Pillows

    We are all different when it comes to how we sleep, so choosing the right goose down pillow is essential for that all important good night’s sleep. Pillows are designed to cushion your head and neck and help alleviate any pain or stiffness. There are normally only three major sleeping positions but the contours and size of our heads and body can also affect the comfort and quality of the pillow.

    So, choosing the correct firmness is very important to ensure that your head, neck and spine are all in perfect alignment. This will ensure that your body is correctly supported during the night. So how do you know that you are choosing the correct goose down pillow?

    Well, that depends on which position you sleep in. Sometimes you sleep in several positions but mainly while we sleep you can rest into your favourite position. So to give you an idea what to look out for, here are a few pointers:-

  • Soft Down Pillows are ideal if you sleep lying on your stomach or flat on your back, there is less down so this allows your head to stay closer to the mattress whilst still providing subtle support to keep your spine straight and aligned.
  • Medium Down Pillows are for those of us that move around while we sleep, we may alternate from sleeping on our stomach or lying flat on our backs to even side sleeping. This is the most popular pillow option as it provides the best of both worlds.
  • Firm Down Pillows have more down and are designed for the side sleeper, in this position you need more filling as your head and neck are raised from the mattress. Go for a good quality filling so you can crunch up the filling into a ball for that sumptuously soft feeling.
  • If you do prefer a softer pillow, try to go for ones that are pure down with no feathers, they are lighter and softer and can offer the best in terms of comfort and quality. If it is a firm pillow you require, try one that has a small percentage of soft feathers as they compact and give the filling a firmer and more resilient feel. A good compromise is a 90% goose down and 10% feather fill, this is an ideal option if you are wanting a more competitively priced pillow.

    If you are still not sure and you need more advice or would like to know more about our fillings and comfort levels please get in touch by sending us an email with your questions and requirements to

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