Microfibre Anti Allergy Synthetic Duvets

Our luxury synthetic micro down duvets might be for you, the super soft and extremely light weight fillings have been treated to help with most allergies.


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Microfibre Anti Allergy Synthetic Duvets

Are you looking for a new duvet? Not sure what to buy? At Bedlinen Direct we sell a fantastic range of luxury synthetic duvets made from both hollowfibre and microfibre fillings but if you are still not sure let us try and explain a few of the differences for you. Synthetic fills were once perceived to be a cheap alternative to duvets filled with natural feather or down. Granted they are much cheaper than pure down duvets but the better quality man made duvet fillings are now comparable in price to a feather duvet but offer better health benefits as well. Synthetic duvets are normally good for children due to the cost but they are also one the warmest of duvets, microfibre and hollowfibre do not release trapped warm air as much as natural fillings so they keep you snug and warm in those really cold months. However, if you choose the fillings from Aerelle Cool Nights, these special duvets are designed for the summer months as the special fibres dissipate heat better than other duvets so they are ideal for hot night sweats and allergy sufferers, the best of both worlds in one duvet.

Synthetic Anti Allergy Duvets

Our ranges come in a variety of togs, from the lightweight 2.5 duvet to the artic conditions 15 tog duvets, so you can choose the perfect heat level for yourself. In the synthetic ranges you will find a much more varied range of heat levels and fill choices, as they made in the UK and we can specify any choice of tog and cotton case you would like. The quality is second to none, with internal baffle walls which help keep the filling firmly in the centre of the cells and more importantly over you, keeping the heat evenly balanced over your body. Cassette stitching maintains the duvet strength and rigidity, ensuring that the filling does not migrate from cell to cell which can lead to cold spots where the filling is missing. Synthetic duvets in the past had to be replaced more often due to the fibres flattening out over time, they would just not plump back up and would leave the duvet looking flat and lumpy, often leading to them being changed over few years or so, although cheap at the time changing them often would defeat the price saving in the first place. This is now a thing of the past, our Comforel fillings have separate fibres just like real down, a good shake is all that is needed to revitalise the fibres and make them feel like new. This ensures that the duvets can last far longer than before, you should easily get 5 to 7 years or more out of the very best quality synthetic anti-allergy duvets.

In our opinion, the best reason to have this type of filling is for allergies. We are all subjected to more and more allergens as time goes on. Some of us contract new allergies all the time, even in middle age you can become susceptible to a dust mite or pollen allergy, some blame this on today’s fast paced modern lifestyle and others on the way that our homes are super insulated. Ventilation is key but during the winter months this is not possible, our special duvets filled with Allerban Comforel help reduce dust mites, bacteria and mould from forming in your bedding. So just to recap here are a few special key features for you to keep in mind:

Key Features

  • Anti-Allergy Fillings
  • Baffle Box Construction
  • Cassette Stitching
  • Microfibre Filling
  • Machine Washable
  • Tumble Dry Safe
  • Lightweight
  • Value For Money

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