Mulberry Silk Bedding and Duvets

Our Mulberry Silk Bedding and Silk Duvets are soft, natural and extremely robust, with soft strands of pure silk for superior levels of comfort and quality.


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Why Sleep Under Silk Bedding?

    Along with being one of the strongest bedding fibres and its natural temperature regulating ability to warm up and cool down instantaneously, it also has several health benefits that other fabrics cannot match. You do get what you pay for and silk bedding is not the cheapest but with being soft on hair and skin and highly breathable, silk can help your body achieve the right temperature for a good nights sleep.

Is Silk A Natural Product?

    Being a natural fibre, silk is far more breathable than other fabrics like cotton. You may be aware that your body produces quite a lot of heat and sweat while you sleep with most other fabrics this can get trapped but with silk this is vented away as the fibres are crimped and springy which allows warm air to dissipate very quickly. A common cause of sleep deprivation is over heating and the feeling that the bed is damp through hot night sweats.

    During sleep, the duvet becoming overwarm thanks to trapped heat is a common issue. Silk wicks moisture and heat away twice as fast as cotton, even though cotton can reduce the humidity present in your bed by up to 50%.


    Allergies are another common side effect of poor sleep, the ability to breathe at night is essential. Dust mite related allergies can cause the airways to block up especially in the summer months. Asthma and sneezing fits are caused by the dust mites, inhaling the enzymes released from these droppings causes allergic reactions. Removing extra moisture from your bedding prevents allergens like dust mites from living in your bed.

Skin Care

    Silk bedding is totally natural and does not use any harmful chemicals in its manufacturing process, silk soothes sore skin and is extremely soft and smooth and does not chafe or irritate your skin. If you need relief from shingles, dry skin and eczema while you sleep, this is another reason to sleep under silk bedding.

    Not only does silk create much less pressure than other fabrics such as cotton but the tightly woven fabric also allows easier movement and less resistance. Amino acids in silk also helps the bedding to absorb moisture naturally and rejuvenate skin, greatly beneficial for people with skin diseases like eczema.

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