Extra Deep Fitted Sheets

Extra deep fitted sheets with either a 15" or 18" box depth to cater for a deeper mattress or mattress toppers. Choose from cotton and polycotton fabrics.
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Extra Deep Fitted Sheets

We stock an extensive range of extra deep fitted sheets in both 15" and 18" box depths to suit most modern mattress depths. Bed manufacturers are making their mattresses much more comfortable, with added posture control, but they are getting much deeper and standard fitted sheets are no longer deep enough. Have you ever had your fitted sheets ride up the side of the mattress during the night or are they too tight? If so, you may need some extra deep fitted sheets. We have multiple options that will suit most peoples requirements, from luxury Egyptian cotton, fully elasticated Jersey cotton, easy care polycotton and for those of us who get hot at night, there is the revolutionary Coolmax range. So, if you need a deep fitted sheet due to buying a new mattress or adding an extra layer on top of your mattress like a mattress topper or mattress protector, we have literally got you covered.

How Deep Do I Need My Fitted Sheet?

The best way to measure, if you need the 15 inch deep fitted sheets or the 18 inch deep fitted sheets, is to add a couple of extra inches to the depth of your mattress so you have enough material to tuck under for the perfect fit. If you have them too tight they will just ride up or ping off the side of your mattress and drive you crazy. There is nothing worse than having the fabric wrapped round your ankles during the night, and then also having to remake the bed every time you get out of it. You also have different options for the elastication, for electric type beds we recommend the fully elasticated option of the Jersey cotton sheets or the Coolmax deep sheets but if you have a standard type bed, the cotton and polycotton sheets are perfect, as they are only elasticated at the four corners and tuck under your mattress similar to a flat sheet, giving you that pristine hotel quality look.

So just to recap, do not forget to add a couple of extra inches to the depth of your mattress for a good fit, this is really important as you do not want them too tight. If you are not too sure what to buy please do not hesitate to email us or ring us on 0161 3020361 for some further advice, we are more than happy to help.

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