Jersey Cotton Bedding

We stock jersey cotton stretchy fitted sheets and pillowcases which are ideal for both electric beds, memory foam mattresses and memory foam pillows.


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Why Choose Jersey Cotton Bedding?

    Jersey Cotton is the ideal fabric to use for your electric bed or memory foam mattress, it is super stretchy and will fit your mattress perfectly. Most electric beds now come with European style mattresses, with an extra length of 200cm, which as you may well know by now finding the right size bedding can be very hard. The fitted sheets need to cling to the mattress better than standard cotton sheets that are not fully elasticated all the way around, if they are not, when you raise the bed the fabric just drops down looking unsightly and every time you lower the bed you will have to start tucking the sheet back into place.

    So why is Jersey cotton bedding a good choice I hear you ask? Well, the knitted fabric can easily move and stretch which is important when you operate your electric bed, this stops the fabric from becoming too tight and pulling the fitted sheets off the corners of your mattress. The fabric keeps its shape after use and the stretchy nature keeps the fabric taught and looking smooth, so the other bonus is that you do not need to iron the fabric to keep it looking like new. Ironing a fitted sheet can be very difficult and time consuming so anything that saves time and effort and still looks like you have made the effort is another excellent reason.

    One of the main reasons electric beds have become so popular is for people that have issues with back pain and posture control as well as other medical issues, so they tend to spend a lot more time in bed than your average sleeper, so getting a fabric that is easily washable and absorbent is essential. Cotton is very good for absorbing moisture from the body and can help with hot night flushes and sweating, jersey fabrics are even more absorbent that woven cotton as the fabric is normally thicker and softer.

    The soft fabric is nice and comfortable to sleep on or under, pure knitted cotton helps with temperature regulation as the cotton is natural and fully breathable. Please see below for all the sizes we stock including those hard to find sizes, we have also introduced some extra deep fitted sheets as many electric bed mattress are now even deeper than before:

Jersey Cotton Bedding Sizes

  • European Bunk: 75cm x 200cm
  • Single: 90cm x 190cm
  • European Single: 90m x 200cm
  • 4FT 122cm x 190cm
  • Double: 135cm x 190cm
  • King: 150cm x 200cm
  • Superking: 180cm x 200cm

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