Dusal and Euroquilt

Dusal and Euroquilt make high quality duvets, pillows and mattress toppers. All expertly made in the UK using the very best hotel quality microfibre and natural fillings.


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Dusal and Euroquilt of Scotland has been manufacturing high quality duvets, pillows, mattress toppers and Coolmax sheets for hospitality and hotels here in the UK and Europe for over 30 years. Their skill and dedication to quality and customer service has given them a reputation to be proud of. The latest brand change only happened a few years ago when they changed their UK operation to Dusal. This name originated from the Gaelic name for a nap or to slumber but whichever brand you buy, Euroquilt or Dusal, you can be rest assured of the same luxury and attention to detail as you have come to expect. Buying products that have been made to 4 and 5 star hotel quality really does speak for itself. Have you ever stayed in your favourite hotel and wondered who makes that sumptuously soft pillow or that warm and snug duvet? Have a look inside the pillowcases or duvet cover and you are quite likely to see a Euroquilt Nomite label or a Dusal Comforel label. The range is so vast it includes many synthetic anti allergy fillings right through to the high quality 100% pure Hungarian and Ultimate goose down fills.

Euroquilt Duvets and Pillows

When buying a natural filling like goose down or duck down, whether it is pure down or a feather and down mix, it is important that standards are met. In the hotel industry there is nothing more important than to have strict ethical and environmental standards in place. Euroquilt natural filings come from Europe and adhere to some of the strictest and more stringent guidelines in the world, with animal welfare right at very heart of everything that is produced. All Euroquilt and Dusal natural feather and down products are NOMITE® and Downafresh® certified and labelled, which means they are suitable for use by those who suffer with asthma or with allergies associated with dust mite allergens. For those of you that are environmentally aware and conscious of your need to protect the planet and the need for recycling, we have a fantastic range of new duvets and pillow fills made by Dacron. This exceptional filling is the Dacron® Comforel® ECO2 collected from across Europe. They are reprocessed for use in the creation of polyester fibres in Germany by Advansa. Advansa are committed to a sustainability programme which continuously improves upon safety, health and the environment. The main aim is to reduce unnecessary waste and environmental pollutions to ensure that we leave the planet in a better place for the generations that will follow. Typically a total of 20 plastic bottles will produce enough fibres to make a 600g pillow and this in turn saves approximately 85 million bottles a year going to landfill on pillows alone.

Euroquilt and Dusal Duvets and Pillows

Then there is Suprelle® Tencel® ECO Fresh, created using recycled bottles. This aids in reducing significantly the amount of plastic going to landfill and other non-ECO friendly disposal avenues. Innovative and sustainable manufacturing processes, using less CO2 land and water to make the pillow, duvet and bed topper fibres that help you sleep so beautifully. A premium Microfiber Cluster is carefully and evenly blended with Tencel® fibres. Tencel® is an award-winning ‘new-age’ fibre which is 100% botanic. Made from plantation-grown, natural wood cellulose, it originates from the aromatic pulp of sustainably harvested eucalyptus trees. This blend creates a soft and lofty synthetic filling with excellent moisture management, qualities which aid in providing a cool dry sleep environment and provide consistent moisture management and evaporation through the sleep cycle and beyond.

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