Can my Bedding Save Me From Melting?

Can my bedding save me from melting? Summers here, let’s all book a holiday I hear you cry! But there is no need to go abroad this year as the sun has hit the UK with a vengeance.

Summer Bedding

We have never had it this good in many years. Yet, this is not good news for everyone! Over the last few years we have all been striving to insulate our homes in order to help with the massive increase in energy bills, which is great for the winter when you want to save on fuel but what about in summer? How do we get rid of all that excessive heat and humidity, the answer is then to open a window or get yourself an aircon unit which then really negates any saving you have made by adding extra insulation. However, there are some very simple solutions you can use whilst you sleep, we spend most of our lives in bed so getting this right is essential, so what can we do!

Have you checked out the type of mattress you have? Latex, memory foam and synthetic type mattresses can be very comfortable and very good in the winter months as they store heat from under you keeping you warm and snug, but in this heat that is only going to make you feel hot, bothered and very sweaty. You will be more and likely tossing and turning all night long, disturbing your sleep and probably making you wake up several hours before you need to, essentially leaving your shattered all day. If we have a summer like the one we had a few years ago you are going to wish you had done something then to help you now. The best type of mattress for all year round use is a natural one, one that is filled with fibers that can absorb heat and not store them. They are very expensive so If you cannot stretch to one of them the next best thing and more cost effective solution is a mattress topper.

Aerelle Cool Nights BEdding

So, which do a choose? Have you seen the choice out there, it is mind boggling! Yes I agree, there is a really good choice out there right now but I would suggest a natural filled topper, like feather and down, or if you can stretch to it, a pure down mattress topper. They offer superior comfort, aid with posture and more importantly do not heat up and will give you the best relief from heat. Just look at geese, they seem to do all right in the hot months without shedding their feathers and plumage. If you have allergies there is a special man-made fiber filling that acts like pure down but it has been designed to dissipate heat really quickly, this is the Aerelle Coolnights filling and you can get in it pillows, duvets and mattress toppers for the complete summer cooling collection, this is a very good cost effective option as well.

As we mentioned above, there are other bedding items to look at, one of the biggest ones is the duvet. In the UK we try to get a one fits all solution in the hope that the same duvet will keep us warm in winter and cool in summer, this is not always possible as we are all different. In summer we need a fully breathable and lightweight option, once again pure down is the option we would recommend, this is obviously the more expensive route but in the long run the best. After this a synthetic fill with a tog rating of around 4.5 tog, Coolnights is ideal for this and well worth checking out. Your pillow is also another cause of heat build-up and sleepless nights, if the filling is not right, your neck will get too hot and make you move in order to release the heat, disturbing your sleep. A pillow is one of the most overlooked items on the bed but one of the most important. If you are not sure, drop us an email letting us know how you sleep, is it on your side, on your front or back and if you suffer from being too hot and we can then recommend the perfect solution for you.

Now last but not least, as we are a bedding company after all, for your fitted sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases, the first thing that springs to mind is pure cotton, Egyptian cotton or luxury Pima cotton. Cotton is the ideal choice, it is lovely to the touch, absorbent and the feeling of getting into a freshly washed and made bed is up there with some of the finest luxuries in life. Our bestselling range of bedding is our 400 thread count Egyptian cotton. There is every option and size you can get here in the UK but if you suffer from bad hot night sweats, cotton is not your only answer, so what is I hear you ask?

Coolmax Cool Bedding

Have you come across Coolmax before? This revolutionary fabric was invented by Dupont for the Space industry. Coolmax is designed to absorb moisture and dry extremely quickly, up to 5 times faster than cotton fabrics. It is more hygienic as the moisture or sweat in the case of bedding dries so quickly it does not have time to create odours, there are no damp patches or unsightly stains. By the way, it does not need ironing, dries on the clothes maiden in 20 minutes, that alone makes it the ideal fabric if you ask us. There is a complete bedding solution, fitted sheets, duvet covers, mattress protectors, pillowcases and a very light weight summer duvet, all fully machine washable so if you have not tried it before, this is the one we would recommend for the summer heatwave.

So, if you have made it this far and not fallen asleep, well done! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and you just want some simple and honest advice.