Dressing Your Divan Bed Base

Are you looking to change the look of your divan base? Tired of the same old colour and want to inject a fresh new look, well we may have what you are looking for.

Luxury Divan Base Wraps by Belledorm


Divan beds are the most popular option here in the UK. Older style beds had really dated fabrics covering them, some so bad you often wondered what the designers had in mind but the newer ones are dressed in smart fabrics in modern shades of grey and black, etc. So why are they so popular over other styles of beds like open style bases and wooden beds? Well the short answer is they are a lot more versatile and easier to install in smaller bedrooms and the storage they offer is the best you can get.

They are also much cheaper to buy, essentially they are built using lightweight wood and bonded together using glue and nails. This type of structure makes them super light weight and very strong and they can last a lifetime if they are not abused, well we have all jumped up and down on the bed once or twice in our lifetimes! Some of the larger divans like a king or superking size come in two parts so they can be easily taken upstairs, its essential as you would really struggle getting one up the stairs in todays modern style house. Mattresses are much easier as they can bend but the base is rigid making it impossible. No matter what company you buy a bed from they all seem to offer really good storage solutions, some even have 4 drawers so you can store your bedding in them with ease without taking up valuable wardrobe or airing cupboard space. So here is one of the problems with trying to get a divan cover that can work with drawers and also look stylish, so what have you got I hear you cry!

Well the traditional box pleat divan valance has really had its day, the choice is dwindling all the time and they can be difficult to fit as you have to remove the whole mattress in order to fit it. If you haDivan base wrapve a big mattress and you are on your own, forgot it! Washing it then becomes more than a chore, so then there was the easy fit valance. This is where you had a long piece of material that literally stuck to your base using Velcro strips. We sold so many of them but the designs were a little dated so what could we do to bring the divan base into the modern era of faux suede and cotton textures. Well, Belledorm came up with a superior range of divan base wraps, the fabrics felt luxurious and the colours were bang up to date.

So how do they work? Well, fitting one could not be easier, no need to remove the mattress, brilliant, at last, I hear you say! The divan base wrap is essentially what it says it is, it is a giant wrap very much like a hair band that is elasticated and stretchy. You just slide it over the mattress and on to the base, they are all 19 inches in depth so they fit even the most deepest divan bases. They are fully elasticated at the top and bottom so they cling to your base, any extra material just tucks under your mattress for the perfect fit. So what about my drawers, I won’t be able to open them? Well yes you will, as you don’t go in them that often it is not too much of a faff to just lift up the base wrap and open the drawer and fit it back again once you are finished, it really is so easy and so simple, this really is the new way to make your divan base look smart and modern. The faux suede material is really good quality too, the thickness of the material will also hide even the most hideous divan materials, even the garish bright pink we happened to come across the other day.

I hope that this blog has given you a good insight on how we can help you dress your divan bed base, if you are still unsure and would like some more info, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us as we are more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect bedding solutions for you.