Duvets vs Blankets?

We do get this question quite a lot, it is better to use a blanket or a duvet? Mainly at the start of the summer and during the really cold months, that’s when a lot of people consider which is the best option.

Duvets or Blankets what would you choose

We would say have a collection of both as both offer very different heat, comfort and insulation levels. For instance if its chilly outside and you want snuggle on the couch a blanket or throw is much better than going upstairs for your winter weight duvet and god forbid if you drop anything on your expensive Egyptian cotton duvet covers. Equally, if its warm outside, a heavy winter blanket instead of a nice lightweight cooling duvet is not the best option either. So it’s best to know why we have both options for sale.

In its simplified terms, a blanket is a large one piece of strong heavy duty fabric which can be made out of cotton, polycotton, wool other natural yarns like silk and cashmere etc. Blankets used to be just to keep you warm but these days they have another function which is decoration and adding a splash of colour to any bedroom or living room. Throws are becoming more and more popular as they have some really good designs and colour options. Now a duvet is just that, a large bag filled with an insulating material like microfibre or the more expensive option would be pure goose or duck down or natural wool. I am aware they are more technical than that, I mean what is fill power, internal baffle walls and cassette construction all about, this is for another blog I am sure you are all dying to read! But you get my point, they are there to provide you with warmth while you sleep, they are not a fashion statement and are only really intended for the bedroom, which fair enough we do spend a third of our lives, but if you want style and sophistication there are loads of duvet covers we have available.

blankets and duvets for the winter and summer

During the colder months, the reason we say have both options in your linen cupboard is that if your duvet isn’t doing it for you, by that I mean not warm enough, this can happen in January and February here in the UK, instead of going out to buy an expensive duvet just layer up and add a light weight blanket on top and you will notice the difference instantly. You only need a throw just to add to that extra bit of insulation and you will feel snug as a bug. The added advantage of a blanket over a duvet is washing them, it is much easier to wash a blanket as the fillings in a duvet can be damaged if you cannot dry them properly, so having too many duvets in storage is not good, as they really need to be washed regularly so they can stay dry and fresh, storing natural fillings like feathers over a long time in winter or summer can sometimes product an odour which can be quite strong if the fillings are not of a good quality, i.e. cheap. This is not so with synthetic fillings of course but they are also susceptible to damp wardrobes as microfibre fillings can absorb moisture leading to mould spores if left used.

FAQ - The Questions You Want Answered

Is A Duvet Better Than A Blanket? Choosing between a duvet and a blanket largely depends on personal preference and the specific use case. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Warmth: A duvet is typically thicker and more insulated than a blanket, making it a better option for colder temperatures.
  2. Weight: A duvet can be heavier than a blanket, some people may find more comforting. However, others may prefer the lighter weight of a blanket.
  3. Maintenance: Duvets usually require a cover, which can be removed and washed separately. This makes it easier to keep the duvet clean and fresh. Blankets, on the other hand, can be washed directly.
  4. Versatility: A blanket can be used in various settings, such as on a couch or as a throw. A duvet is primarily used on a bed.
  5. Style: Duvet covers come in a wide range of styles and designs, allowing you to change up the look of your bedding without buying a new comforter. Blankets may offer fewer options in terms of style.

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