European Size Fitted Sheets

European size fitted sheets are becoming increasingly popular as more stores sell beds and mattresses made to non UK standard measurements.

These sizes are likely to be found in mainland Europe. Getting good quality fitted sheets and a mattress protector to fit these beds is very hard and trying to find high thread count cotton sheets is even harder.

For electric beds with adjustable mattresses we recommend fitted sheets that have the elastic all the way round, this way they stay firmly attached to the mattress when you raise it to read or watch television. Normal fitted sheets which are elasticated in the four corners look untidy and need attention when you lower the bed for sleeping. They will still work but aesthetically they are not as pleasing to the eye.

We have an extensive range of luxury Coolmax Fitted Sheets and Jersey Cotton Fitted Sheets in European sizes such as 75cm x 200cm, 90cm x 200cm, 100cm x 200cm and 122cm x 200cm. They are ideal for adjustable memory beds and are machine washable for even more usability. We also stock a good selection of European size fitted sheets including the extra long single fitted sheets and the European king size 160cm x 200cm fitted sheets.

We did mention briefly about mattress protection, one thing about these European mattresses is that they can be very expensive. Protect your investment with a good quality mattress protector and your bed will last you for many years to come. Check out our Coolmax mattress protectors, they are fully machine washable and are great for memory-foam mattresses as they help you stay much cooler at night than standard cotton mattress protectors and stop any stains or drinks from staining the mattress padding.