How To Change A Duvet Cover?

How to change a duvet cover? This is a question we are often asked and there is no wrong or right way to change your duvet cover.

Personal preference will always be the best option but if you do not have any assistance some of the tips below may help you with this weekly task. Changing the duvet cover is not an easy job to do and can be quite frustrating, getting the duvet itself to sit in the four corners can be an enigma and not a job for those of us who easily get annoyed. Just how hard can it be, we are only putting a square object in to a purpose made square cover?

So lets just try and put this one to bed so to speak. First of all prepare the the duvet cover, make sure you have done all the washing and ironing you need to do to make the cover look stunning once you have place the duvet inside. Next grab your duvet and take a deep breath, make sure you have it the right way up and place it neatly onto your bed.

Now place your hands inside the duvet covers and grab hold of the two top corners and gently pull them inside out. Grabbing hold of the same two top corners on your duvet replace the corners back inside the duvet covers taking the duvet with you. Once you have pulled both the duvet and cover the right way round you should have hold of the top two corners with the cover the right way round.

Now comes the tricky part, holding firmly give the whole ensemble a good firm shake, the duvet cover should then start to cover the rest of the duvet and lie perfectly in place. Close the buttons and poppers and repeat the shake down holding the two opposite corners to ensure an even distribution of the duvet fillings and ensure that the four corners are now in place. With that now in place you can enjoy a good nights sleep as you have certainly earned it!

Have you ever tried to Easy swap duvet system by Belledorm? This ingenious design is where you have hand holes at the top of the duvet cover. You just place your hands inside the duvet cover and pull the top of your duvet through and into place. This is a much easier system and less stressful and you can place the duvet exactly where you want it first time – now why didn't you say so before we hear you ask!