How To Choose The Perfect Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

So how to choose the perfect Egyptian cotton sheets and what makes Egyptian cotton so unique? So much is said about what makes cotton so special.

But what sets apart the very good from the really average? Egyptian cotton is brand name in its own right, with a reputation that is truly global. Having the label on your bedding gives you certain assurances of quality, craftsmanship and overall comfort. For hundreds of years cotton has cultivated, grown and then used in clothing and bedding, premium quality was once the preserve of wealthy clientele but as more and more of the world’s population got richer in their own rights the luxury bedding market became more and more accessible and affordable.

To become a major bedding brand what does Egyptian cotton have to offer that you just cannot get in other fabrics, you do not get such a reputation by chance. Cotton is a truly organic product, grown naturally without chemicals and pesticides the resulting cotton crop is soft and fluffy. Cotton grown in Egypt is handpicked and cleaned using age old techniques that have been handed down through the ages, from farmer to farmer and so on. This time consuming and less invasive harvesting method helps keep the cotton from being overly refined resulting in a high grade of absorbent cotton. The ability of the fabric to absorb moisture is one the key advantages, this helps the cotton to become softer overtime, washing the fabric does not impair in abilities but only enhances it.

There is nothing finer in the world than slipping in to clean, crisp cotton sheets, sleeping is one the things we take for granted and it consumes over a third of our lives. It is very important that we achieve a good 6 - 8 hours of sleep every night or our health and happiness could deteriorate over time. A lot is said about long staple fibre yarns and single ply fabrics and more importantly thread count. A high fabric pick or count can take care of the other two points as the cotton has to be manufactured from long staple yarns as they would just break under the extreme weaving processes that modern bedding has to endure. Two ply technologies are mainly incorporated to enhance the yarns strength and robustness, any fabric over 600 thread count will have a form of twisting involved in the yarns.

So what is thread all about and what should I choose to achieve the best results, we have included below a few key indicator you can go by. This method will not give you the whole story when it comes to choosing you new luxury Egyptian cotton sheets but thread count does mean you can expect quality and value for money. ‘Thread count’ or ‘pick’ is the number of threads in each square inch and generally speaking, the higher the thread count, the more luxurious, dense and soft the material will feel.

A Percale fabric is generally the minimum threads per square inch any good manufacturer will use in their premium bedding ranges, it is often a matt fabric and does not have the same luxurious sateen sheen that you will find in the higher counts. This is ideal for guest houses, smaller hotels and obviously the spare bedroom or guest room. Still very soft and sensuous this is great way of testing the water so to speak. This has a 200 thread count or 200 threads per square inch. Stepping up from the basic percale range you will certainly want to try this for yourself, 400 Thread Count is definitely softer and a more substantial Egyptian cotton percale sheets than the 200 count, if you like being pampered every night choose for this quality for its cool feel and durability, this designer cotton bedding range is what you expect to find on the beds of major hotel chains worldwide.

Now we are getting somewhere, this is where we introduce you to some of the best fabrics you will find in the world. 600 thread count or 600 threads per square inch use the latest air jet technology to produce a wonderful creation that is straight out of a fairy tale. Premium levels of comfort and softness, this is one of those bedding fabrics that you will definitely want to stay in bed for. 1000 to 1200 Thread Count, now we have certainly arrived at royalty levels of opulence and sophistication. There is nowhere to go from here except to the bedroom to try out your latest investment. Health and sleep is very important and you have certainly proved this when you sleep in such luxury. Egyptian cotton does not come much better than this, soft, silky, strong and extremely durable this bedding will last a lifetime.