How To Choose The Right Mattress Topper?

There is a vast array of luxury mattress toppers on SALE today, so how do you choose the right one for you? Carry on reading for our quick guide.

First of all is a mattress topper right for you as sometimes they can be confused with a mattress protector, toppers are often quite thicker and they provide extra cushioning and posture control. They can also give you tired mattress a New lease of life extend it for many more years.

So Why Buy A Mattress Topper?

So this is the most important question, mattress toppers add an extra layer of cushioning to a bed that’s lost its plumpness and if it feels tired you will lose a lot of support and comfort. Whereas if your mattress suffers from being too firm giving you back ache, it can soften the sleeping surface resulting in a much more comfortable sleep. A mattress topper can also extend the life of your mattress, making it more cost effective than buying a brand new mattress which can run into thousands of pounds.

What Mattress Topper Fillings Are There?

Choosing a filling depends on how you like to sleep as well as other factors like cost and any allergies. The filling also affects the softness, thickness and general feel of the mattress topper.

Pure Down Toppers

Are the top of the range as the more down you have the softer the sleeping experience, this is why pure down is mainly used in the dual layer toppers as the bottom chamber is feather and down giving you better support and the top down chamber is soft like sleeping on a cloud. The down toppers are also the most expensive in the range, but they can last of many years and will be the option if money is not an object.

Goose Feather and Down Mattress Toppers

Will provide natural warmth and insulation, perfect for all year use. They are firmer and offer a greater deal of support, this topper would be best for use with a soft mattress as they hold their extremely shape well. This is a very good option as they are cheaper than pure down toppers but still offer superb comfort.

Synthetic Anti-Allergy Mattress Toppers

Are usually filled from either hollowfibre or microfibre, they are a popular choice for allergy sufferers. They still offer excellent comfort and support while microfibre toppers have a softer feel. They are great value for money and are more suited to firmer mattresses or if you suffer from allergies this would be the perfect choice.

How To Fit Your Mattress Topper

Securing a mattress topper to a bed is easy, they are held in place with 4 strong elasticated corner straps which stretches over the sides of the mattress like a fitted sheet. Once in place, the topper stays fixed to the mattress, preventing it from bunching up or coming untucked.

So, choosing the correct thickness of topper you need depends on the age, feel and condition of your mattress. We have several depths ranging from the sumptuously soft 12cm toppers to the 7.5cm toppers which are the best at rejuvenating tired old mattresses. The Belledorm Dual Layer Toppers of up to 5CM thick offer a good level of comfort and support, ideal for a newer mattress where comfort is the primary requirement.

How To Maintain a Mattress Topper

Cleaning your mattress topper regularly will keep it free of harmful allergens and bacteria, ideally, it’s best to clean the topper at the same time as your fitted sheet. Most mattress toppers can be washed in a washing machine, but not all of them, so it’s best to check the instructions carefully before you clean them. With the larger toppers unless you can take them to the local laundrette where the machines are larger it is always best to have a mattress protector that can be easily removed and washed when you wash your bedding.

Mattress Topper Sizes

Mattress toppers come in a variety of sizes, it is important to get a topper that matches the size of your existing mattress, because, unlike duvets, they can’t scale up. We have a vast array of mattress toppers that can be made to order for you, please see the fill list of sizes below.

  • Single: 90cm x 190cm
  • 90cm x 200cm
  • 100cm x 200cm
  • 4FT: 122cm x 190cm
  • Double: 135cm x 190cm
  • 140cm x 200cm
  • King: 150cm x 200cm
  • 160cm x 200cm
  • 170cm x 200cm
  • 180cm x 200cm
  • Emperor: 200cm x 200cm
  • 7FT Large Emperor: 215cm x 215cm