Swift Swap Duvet Covers

One of hardest jobs in hospitality, or in the average household, is change over day or generally just swapping over your duvet cover. Can they make it any easier please I hear you ask?

Well yes they can, Belledorm have come up with an ingenious way of doing this with the minimum amount of fuss. It is so easy now to change over the duvet cover we are not sure why everyone is not incorporating it into their ranges.

Belledorm say the following: Hand hole duvet covers are designed to make the chore of putting your duvet cover on with greater ease.

We now have hand holes in the top of each corner, so the duvet can be effortlessly pulled up into the corners.

Take a look at this YouTube video from Belledorm showing you just how easy it really is! Swift Swap Duvet Covers Explained

So check out all of our polycotton and Egyptian cotton bedding ranges, look out for the Swift Swap System in the features section to ensure that you are buying this superb feature, it will save you time and more importantly effort. We are so sure that you will love this feature that it will be hard to buy anything else that does not use the hand hold swift swap system.