What Is the Best All Year Round Duvet?

It is that time of the year when the weather is changing and you start to think of which duvet is going to suit your needs the best.

This is a difficult question to answer and is one we are often asked, What Is the Best All Year Round Duvet? We are all different in our needs but many duvet manufacturers stick to a rigid set of TOG ratings in order to meet most of our demands. Some of us are hot and some of us are cold and some of us both hot and cold. The other hard to answer question is what do we do when one of us is hot and one of us is cold?

The choice can be baffling to say the least, not only is there TOG ratings there are also FILL POWER ratings which measure the cleanliness of the filling and can determine how light and fluffy the filling is. Fill Power is a great way of determining how good the filling would be at temperature regulation, this is key if one of you is hot and the other cold. This measurement is also key when selecting the right filling, Siberian, Hungarian and Branded duvets normally use very high fill power fillings, they would start at around 450 fill power and go up to around 950 fill power for the very best fillings. These would normally be 100% pure down fillings and are guaranteed to give you the best temperature regulation.

However, getting back on track, as there are so many facets to getting the right duvet for you. Once again, this is a very hard question to get right and can take many months of trial and error and can be quite expensive if you do not do your homework it the first place. It may be that you need several different duvets throughout the year in order to meet your requirements, but in reality this may not be possible.

So have a look at your environment, how hot is your bedroom at night? Do you start off cold and then wake up hot? Does your partner kick off your duvet at night? In the UK, all we really get in order to select the right duvet is the good old TOG rating. This is a good rating if you only want to use it to select the thermal value of your duvet, please see below for a brief guide.

Duvet Tog Values

  • 3 TOG - 4.5 TOG -These duvets are ideal for the summer months or if you get hot at night or suffer from hot night sweats, pure down or Coolmax duvets would be the ideal solution here.
  • 6 TOG - 9TOG -These duvets are ideal for the cooler months or if you sleep at the ideal temperature, have a cool house or just like to stay snug when the weather is mild. Most good duvets would be acceptable for this type of use.
  • 5 TOG - 13.5 TOG -These duvets are ideal for the colder months, if you have a warm house you can select the lower tog, if you are cold at night go for the higher tog range.
  • 15 TOG - These duvets are ideal for those who want to sleep super snug and probably do not want to get out of bed in the winter months. Go for a pure down duvet to help keep the temperature stable so it doesn't allow you to overheat too much.