Why Buy A Silk Pillowcase?

What is really stopping you from buying a silk pillowcase? Is it the cost, as they are certainly not the cheapest option, or is it that the benefits of silk especially in pillowcases is so underrated?

Natural fibres are always the best option, cotton is the world’s bestselling fabric by far but silk has many more advantages that you would expect from a luxurious premium fabric. Softness and smoothness being two but in this heat, coolness is often a major advantage that is overlooked.

Silk is often associated with its smooth fibres, ideal if you have a sensitive scalp or hair that is easily tangled or frizzy. It also stops heat and moisture build up, which can make you hotter and also make your hair more prone to curling and looking frazzled. Silk, believe it or not, can help with bed head! Your skin is also in better hands with a silk pillowcase. Rougher fabrics like polycotton or even some lower grade cotton pillowcases can be abrasive to your face and sensitive skin, if you toss and turn a lot the fibres can actually roughen the skin over time.

There are some claims out there that silk is the miracle fibre and that its natural properties are better than they actually are, although silk is ideal for sensitive skin it is also naturally hypoallergenic, so it dcan help with dust mites or other allergy issues, it is not just gentler on the skin and your hair.

Silk pillowcases offer many known benefits. However, some claims about the benefits of silk pillowcases are exaggerated or even false. When deciding whether a silk pillowcase is a good fit for you, it’s important to know about dubious claims so that you can better understand how silk pillowcases may or may not help you. Some companies also claim that amino acids in silk can help reduce wrinkles and prevent breakage in your hair. Whilst silk does contain this type of amino acids, you cannot reap the benefits of the amino acids simply by laying your head on a silk pillowcase.  After all, silk is derived from the cocoons of silkworms, mother nature always provides a solution to every situation and they are often the best option. So just to put it more simply, you should look at the options before deciding which is the best option for you. Click here for our range of Silk Pillowcases.

Certainly invest in a silk pillowcase if you like the following points:

•       You enjoy a luxury pillowcase with a cool feel

•       You have curly, natural hair that is prone to frizz or breakage

•       You have dry skin

•       You want to retain moisture from skincare products

•       You sweat a lot at night

You Should Go for Another Pillowcase if:

•       You are on a tight budget. Silk pillowcases tend to cost more than pillowcases made of cotton or microfibre.

•       You prefer low-maintenance bedding. Many silk pillowcases require more careful maintenance and some cannot be washed or dried in a machine.