Why You Should be Sleeping On 1000 Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Why You Should be Sleeping On 1000 Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets. Bedlinen Direct are proud to introduce our latest range of Egyptian Cotton Sheets.

Woven using only the long staple fibers from the world famous Nile Delta area these super soft sateen sheets are the pinnacle of quality and comfort. Pure cotton bedding has and always will be the best linen you can buy, cool crisp and ultra soft fibers that wick away moisture and heat away from the body to leave you feeling refreshed all night long. So when you are looking for new cotton sheets choose the very best as they will last for many years and give you a sleep that only the highest thread count cotton bedding can.

Our Egyptian Cotton Sheets are also mercerised and sanforised to ensure that the fabric does not shrink or crease during the washing cycle. On top of these expensive treatments, the cotton fabric is also immersed with an easy care finish which helps the product look amazing with little or no ironing required. The method they use is a closely guarded secret and offers you a bedding product that is unbeatable, so much so our premium quality Egyptian Cotton Bedding comes with a full 7 year manufacturers guarantee.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets were once the preserve of the very rich, only coming in white and ivory shades to keep a minimalist yet expensive look, recent manufacturing processes have now reduced the cost in producing high thread count fabrics and are now more affordable than ever. So much so some of our ranges now have many colours in the range and some even have deep dyes that were unheard of only a few years ago. Our best selling range is the 400 thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bedding, this comes in 7 different colours and has many options such as duvet covers, fitted sheets, flat sheets and pillowcases to choose from. The next best selling range is the sumptuous 300 thread count Egyptian cotton bedding from Sheridan, this is a much heavier and traditional cotton sheet, using modern techniques and with a traditional finish where as our range has the finish and feel of a modern high end quality hotel bedding range.

The traditional methods of farming and cultivating cotton in Egypt is well documented, so we do not need to elaborate here but the rich history does tell a very interesting story and today’s bedding only adds to the mystique and charm. So if you are still in doubt of what to choose give Bedlinen Direct a call on 0845 206 8601 and speak to one of their advisers who will only be too happy to point you in the right direction. They have years of experience and are dedicated to supplying some of the finest bedding you can buy and specialise in high thread count Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen. If they cannot answer your question they will find someone who can as they deal direct with the manufacturers both in the UK and Egypt.

Invest well in your sleep as you do spend over a third of your life sleeping. Recent research suggests that good quality bedding and duvets can assist you with a healthy lifestyle as a good night’s sleep helps you work, rest and more importantly, play.