Winter Time Fitted Sheets

How cold is it! Winter really arrived early this year, goodbye summer, hello cold dark nights! Is there anything worse than getting into a cold bed and the fitted sheet is freezing and then wrapping yourself up in the duvet is not working either?

You could use an electric blanket or a hot water bottle but once they have gone cold again those fancy cotton sheets are just going to get cold again. Traditional flannelette sheets your parents used to have were never like that, they were snug and made you feel super toasty all night long, but they were not the most fashionable were they, talk about make the bedroom look old fashionable against all they modern bling we have today.

So now the modern day equivalent is brushed cotton, it is a pure 100% cotton just like flannelette and it is brushed in the same way to give it that fluffy texture. It is only brushed on one side to stop excess lint or fluff forming in the washing machine and tumble drier and it is also lighter which helps you sleep better as some traditional sheets and duvet covers can weigh a ton. If you remember the old flannelette type fabric they were very heavy and really thick and didn’t help regulate the temperature as much as they just trapped in all the air without circulating it. This is good for getting the bed warm but once it is warm, it just gets warmer and warmer, making you kick the sheets off during the night, making you cold again.

Belledorm Brushed Cotton Fitted Sheets

So to make brushed cotton fitted sheets and flat sheets more fashionable we have created a few luxury duvet cover set designs to help get you through the winter months. The rich colour tones of navy blue and deep brown hues help give you some much needed autumnal colour and depth to your bedroom, so we have come up with the some smart check and tartan style designs. So don’t suffer this winter, try some brushed cotton bedding, it may not be the stylish option but once you have tried them in the depth of winter you wont use anything else.