Climarelle Cool Bedding and Mattress Protectors

Climarelle Cool Bedding is ideal for when you get too hot at night, the special fillings absorb heat from your body leaving you at the optimum temperature.


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    Climarelle is a fantastic product designed and manufactured by Advansa, specially engineered for use in mattress protectors, pillows and duvets.

    Our luxury range from Euroquilt is made to order in Scotland to ensure that you get the best night’s sleep you can.

    Climarelle is an engineered cooling fabric layer that is sewn into products to provide temperature management, also added is a Suprelle Tencel fill as it has moisture wicking properties which compliments the function of the Climarelle Cool Layer.

    If you suffer from restless nights and wake up hot and flushed, Climarelle could help you alleviate some of your heat problems. A special focus research group conducted by ADVANSA gives strong evidence in the Cool Sleep concept.

    Many users that search for cool spots toss and turnover a pillow constantly to stay in the coolest comfort zone for longer, this is also the same for duvets and mattress protectors.

    The thermo regulating Climarelle material slows down temperature changes and increases comfort while reducing perspiration. ADVANSA R&D engineers developed the new Climarelle® Cool products just for this very concept to help you fight off the heat.

    The outcome of all this research culminated in the ideal blend of Climarelle Cool with a Suprelle Tencel® filling.

    The use of this high tech soft liner with integrated Climarelle® microcapsules helps to provide a better sleeping climate and gives you a restful sleep.

    Thermo regulating Climarelle® microcapsules actively release a cooling effect as needed, allowing longer rest in your ideal comfort zone.

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