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Climerelle Cool Mattress Protectors

  • Made in the UK
  • Dacron Climarelle Cool
  • Reduces Body Heat
  • Choice of Mattress Depths
  • Fully Elasticated Skirt
  • Suprelle Tencel Filling
  • Ideal for Hot Night Sweats
  • Suitable for Electric Beds
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    Mattress Protectors
    Mattress Depth

    Climarelle Cool Nights Mattress Protectors

      Climarelle Cool Nights Mattress Protectors have a engineered cooling fabric layer to provide temperature control all night.

      The luxury Suprelle Tencel filling has moisture wicking properties which compliments the function of the Climarelle Cool Layer.

      If you suffer from restless nights and wake up hot and flushed, Climarelle could help you alleviate some of your heat problems.

      A special focus research group conducted by ADVANSA gives strong evidence in the Cool Sleep concept.

      The thermo regulating Climarelle material slows down temperature changes and increases comfort while reducing perspiration.

      ADVANSA R&D engineers developed the new Climarelle® Cool products just for this very concept to help you fight off the heat.

      The outcome of all this research culminated in the ideal blend of Climarelle Cool with a Suprelle Tencel® filling.

      This excellent combination of Climarelle® microcapsules helps to provide a better sleeping climate and gives you a restful sleep.

      Please note: you may need at least 5CM extra mattress depth to allow for the material to tuck under your mattress.

      NOTE: This is a Made to Order item, please check our Delivery and Returns section below for more information, please allow 7 days for delivery.

    Climarelle Cool Mattress Protector Sizes

    • 2FT 6": 75cm x 190cm
    • 75cm x 200cm
    • Single: 90cm x 190cm
    • 90cm x 200cm
    • 100cm x 200cm
    • 4FT: 122cm x 190cm
    • 122cm x 200cm
    • Double: 135cm x 190cm
    • 140cm x 200cm
    • King: 150cm x 200cm
    • 160cm x 200cm
    • 170cm x 200cm
    • Superking: 180cm x 200cm
    • 190cm x 200cm
    • Emperor: 200cm x 200cm
    • 7FT Emperor: 215cm x 215cm

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    Asked by Michael on May 17, 2024
    Hello, the top layer is made from cotton and the filling is climerelle.
    Answered by Carl on May 17, 2024

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    Asked by Marie Watson on Jun 16, 2020
    Hello, they are quite a big mattress protector, you can wash them in a large capacity washing like the ones you will find in a laundrette. Please note that the fillings will also need to be thoroughly dried on a low temp setting.
    Answered by Carl on Jun 16, 2020

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