Climarelle Cool Bedding

Our luxury Dacron Climarelle Cool Bedding helps to provide a better sleeping temperature and gives you a restful sleep. Instant relief from hot night sweats.


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Dacron Climarelle Cool Temperature Regulating Bedding

Climarelle is a fabric used in luxury fillings for duvets, pillows and mattress protectors.

The fibres actually adjust to your temperature by expanding when they get too hot and providing a cooling effect and shrinking again as they cool down which releases stored heat and improving the insulating qualities.

A good absorber of moisture makes Climarelle™ ideal for handling Night Sweats especially when used in conjunction with Coolmax™ bedding ie: fitted sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers.

Climarelle® contains fine and light filling fibres and a high-tech soft liner with integrated Climarelle® microcapsules. This combination helps to provide a better sleeping climate and gives you a restful sleep.

Thermo regulating Climarelle® microcapsules actively release cooling effect as needed, allowing longer rest in comfort zone.

Climarelle® Cool is a new non woven: softer and lighter, with PCM micro capsules closer to the surface for a quicker cooling effect.

Machine washable at 40°C and tumble dryer safe.

Ideal for use in warm room conditions and in conjunction with memory foam toppers and mattresses.

    Climarelle Cool Fitted Mattress Protector Sizes

  • Bunk: 75cm x 190cm
  • Bunk Long: 75cm x 200cm
  • Single: 90cm x 190cm
  • Single Long: 90cm x 200cm
  • Euro Single: 100cm x 200cm
  • 4FT Small Double: 122cm x 190cm
  • Double: 135cm x 190cm
  • King: 150cm x 200cm
  • Euro: 160cm x 200cm
  • Queen: 170cm x 200cm
  • Superking: 180cm x 200cm
  • Emperor: 200cm x 200cm
  • 7FT Large Emperor: 215cm x 215cm
    • Climarelle Cool 2.5 TOG Duvet Sizes:

  • Single 137cm x 200cm
  • Double 200cm x 200cm
  • King 230cm x 220cm
  • Super King 260cm x 220cm

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