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Aerelle Blue Luxury Duvets British Made Duvets Aerelle Blue Stop OCean Plastic

Aerelle Blue Duvets

  • Brand: Dùsal
  • Made in the UK
  • 300 Count Cotton Case
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Internal Baffle walls
  • Cassette Construction
  • Machine Washable
  • Tumble Dry Safe
  • Recycled Fillings
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    Aerelle Blue Duvets

      Aerelle Blue Duvets are a superb way of doing your part to save the planet as well as having a luxury duvet to sleep under.

      Fibres made from SocialPlastic® a recycled ocean bound plastic that helps solve one of the most urgent environmental problems.

      The goal is to prevent the flow of plastic waste into our oceans in regions that don’t have formal or efficient recycling systems.

      Made in the UK this sophisticated and high tech production process results in a soft, fluffy and longer lasting luxury duvet.

      Aerelle Blue products have also qualified for the EU Ecolabel.

      The lightweight cases are made using a superior quality 300 thread count cotton for a luxurious feeling of quality and comfort.

      Internal baffle walls and cassette stitching with feature piping details round of the benefits this excellent duvet.

      Please Note: The duvets are made to order, allow 7 days for delivery

    Aerelle Blue Duvet Sizes

    • Single: 135cm x 200cm
    • Double: 200cm x 200cm
    • King: 225cm x 230cm
    • Superking: 260cm x 220cm
    • Emperor: 295cm x 235cm

    ADVANSA, a leading supplier of sustainable polyester fibres for bedding in Europe, announces the introduction of AERELLE® Blue, a new filling-fibre for pillows duvets and mattresses. The result of a partnership with social enterprise Plastic Bank, this new fibre is made from recycled ocean-bound plastic called Social Plastic®, which helps solve the problem of ocean and beach plastic, one of the most urgent environmental problems of our time.

    The goal is to help prevent and reduce the flow of plastic waste into our oceans or beaches, in coastal regions that do not have efficient and formal waste or recycling systems, while at the same time opening up new opportunities for people living in poverty. Plastic Bank is globally recognized as one of the leading solutions to stop ocean plastic. Featured in the award-winning documentary “A Plastic Ocean”, Plastic Bank received the prestigious Sustainia Community Award at COP21, the Beacon For Change Award at COP23, as well as the RCBC Innovation Award. Recently their Blockchain exchange & incentives platform received an IBM Beacon Award.

    Plastic Bank encourages people to collect plastic waste to make impactful changes towards saving the environment, and create value for themselves in order to improve their quality of life. Plastic Bank offers collectors incentives in cash or as Blockchain-secured digital tokens that increase their income and provide better opportunities for themselves and their families. The Social Plastic® created from Plastic Bank ecosystems helps people living in poverty build a better future and improve the environment.

    The plastic collected by Plastic Bank is cleaned and recycled, becoming Social Plastic®. This is used by ADVANSA as a valuable raw material in the manufacture of high-quality polyester filling fibres for pillows duvets and mattresses. As part of its cooperation with Plastic Bank, ADVANSA has already invested and processed considerable quantities of Social Plastic® from recycling centres in Haiti and the Philippines. ADVANSA looks forward to pursuing this investment in the future and to further contribute to reducing ocean and beach plastic with the launch of AERELLE® Blue.

    Thanks to high-tech recycling and extrusion technology in its plant in Germany, ADVANSA is able to ensure the high quality and comfort benefits for these polyester fibres which also qualify for the EU Ecolabel. This means fluffy, soft and long-lasting fibre-fillings for pillows, duvets and mattresses which are produced by ADVANSA’s licensed customers across Europe. All bedding products produced using AERELLE® Blue fibre-filling will carry an individually numbered label to ensure full traceability and transparency. The reliability and ecological credibility are further supported by a certification process with Global Recycling Standard.

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